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Hernandez Sewing was organized in 2005 as a locally owned family business. We came about by combining several sewing operations under common ownership and management. Originally our purpose was to furnish strong well made tarpaulins for the United States Fumigation Industry, which we still do.

However, with our work force of highly skilled talented sewers, we were soon answering the call for a wide variety of products. We received calls for boat covers, outdoor grill covers, patio furniture covers and on and on…

Mary Hernandez-Buchanan, owner, recognized the terrible impact that plastic shopping bags were having on our environment and decided to take action and offer the public a viable, durable alternative. Seven years ago, using the “scraps” from the tarpaulins (thus keeping them out of landfills) Mary came up with her own unique designs and The SuperSak was born.

supersak reusable bag logo
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